Repossession Software from Cleardata


handshakeOur range of services includes involuntary repossessions, lease returns, voluntary surrender repossessions, storage and transport. Our reliable and efficient locksmith service spans a broad spectrum of the latest keying methods in use by manufacturers today. All of our services are rendered in-house to ensure the highest quality of service is rendered while maintaining strict confidentiality. Your information is kept strictly classified unless otherwise authorized.



All personal property is stored for a minimum of 30 days after the repossession at no additional charge. Maximum effort is given to your customer in the redemption of their property. We also provide you with a signed release. If a vehicle is to be redeemed, we will require a release from the client prior to making any arrangements with the customer. When a release is received, we quickly make arrangements for the customer to receive their vehicle and property in a timely fashion.

Storage & Transport

storage_vaultWe have storage facilities located throughout our coverage area. Whether you need outdoor or indoor storage, we have you covered. Our facilities are securely monitored with closed circuit surveillance systems giving you peace of mind after recovery.

Transportation services are provided via our fleet of late model vehicles equipped with the latest GPS technology allowing us to track your collateral as well as our vehicles at all times for safety and security.

Post Recovery

repo_customersOur client-centric post-recovery procedures can be customized to our individual clients’ needs. Our clients are notified as soon as collateral is recovered. This generally occurs within one hour of recovery or instantly for RDN users. Status on collateral recovered late in the day will be updated the following morning unless otherwise specified. The collateral is transported immediately to one of our secure storage facilities. Special accommodations, if needed, can include indoor storage. The collateral is securely stored until further instructions from the client. Detailed condition and property reports are provided within hours of the repossession or sooner if requested.


repo_atv_motorcycle_equipmentSkyline offers the latest and most modern methods of repossession in the industry. Our diverse range of state-of-the-art equipment and technology allow us to recover many different types of collateral such as motor vehicles, motorcycles, tractor trailers, motor homes, industrial equipment, recreational vehicles, construction equipment, and much more. We can handle multiple repossessions as well as recovery from difficult and tight spaces.